Lee Fisher's Android Applications

Prem Tracker
Prem Tracker is a App for Android mobile phones which lets you view results and fixtures in the English Premier league. It also lets you view the league table and form table based on the last 6 games. A great feature of the App is that when it starts, it will remember previously loaded results and fixtures, so these details will not have to be downloaded every time the App is started.
Hunchy for Android
The classic Hunchback arcade game for your Android cell phone. Control the Hunchback Quasimodo, running and jumping to avoid obstacles, clear levels and rescue Esmerelda. The full version costs $1.00 or 60p in UK money.
LGF Sgt Major
Popular trick taking card game Sergeant Major, also known as 8-5-3. Play on your adroid device against 2 automated opponents.
LGF Naval Pursuit
Play the classic search and destroy battleships game on your Android device. The aim is to seek and destroy your opponent's fleet before it finds yours.
LGF Code Breaker
Solve the codes in this logical challenge, similar to master mind games. Every time you crack the code, you move up a level to solve a longer code. Can you solve the 10-colour code?
LGF Four In A Row
The classic Connect 4 game for your Android phone. Play against a friend or the Android on four different levels with varying strategy. Addictive game suitible for all ages.
LGF Card Counter Lite
A very useful application to help you win at cards when playing on-line. Keep track of all cards that have been played simply by touching your mobile phone. Ideal for playing games like Spades, Hearts, Bridge and other games where 52 cards are dealt.